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Open or Closed Drainage Systems?

Interior drainage systems are typically installed along the perimeter of a foundation footing or at the lowest point on the foundation wall under the basement slab. This procedure generally requires pipe, stone, pump and re-cementing of the floor.  If foundation moisture problems are present, some basement waterproofing contractors may choose to install a form of…

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BHA Waterproofing Certification Program

For the most past, the waterproofing industry is a self-regulated industry.  At this point anyone with a contractor’s license can install a waterproofing and drainage system.  While manufacturers and contracting companies may offer installation training, most regions do not require official certifications or licenses (beyond a contractor’s license) for waterproofers.  Waterproofing and structural repair contractors…

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What To Do if My House Floods

A basement flood is one of a homeowner’s worst nightmares. At the Basement Health Association, we often talk about prevention when it comes to basement flooding. But what if it is too late to talk about waterproofing applications or those waterproofing systems fail in a serious disaster? The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) put together…

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