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Why BHA?

The Basement Health Association is a non-profit professional trade organization whose purpose is to educate the general public about water diversion, waterproofing, structural repair, building and basement health industries and connect them with highly reputable, BHA-Certified home improvement contractors. Basement Health Association links all industries involved in basement and building health. All of these industries can work together for the benefit of the consumer. A Healthy Basement Should Be A Standard, Not A Luxury.

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Home Elevation in Texas – Olshan Foundation Repair

During the BHA regional meeting in Atlantic City, Ms. Susan Bryan was in attendance and decided to join the Association. Being from Houston it seemed very timely to invite Ms. Bryan to tell us a little more about herself, her company and to provide a first-hand update on what is taking place in Houston since…

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Safety Tips for Times of Flooding and Other Severe Weather Situations

In recent months the United States and the western hemisphere have experienced several hurricanes impacting Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico, and other parts of the country to a lesser amount. These severe weather related conditions bring extreme conditions such as massive flooding, down power lines, restricted transportation, limited telephone and other communications and loss of…

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Tips to boost employee loyalty

  Please accept my apology for the vulgar nature of the topic but after much thought I just can’t think of an alternative phrase that conveys the thought. As defined by, “giveashi**er – That metaphysical mechanical device inside most of us that enables us to care enough about a task or circumstance such that…

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