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No Vacancy: Preventing Basement Bugs and Rodents

There are two reasons that sealing your foundation prevents basement bugs and rodents. One obvious reason is that when there are no open vents, foundation cracks or exposed dirt, there is no entrance for insects and rodents to get into your basement and crawlspace. Open vents and cracks are an easy way for insects and…

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Moisture Linked to Insect Infestations

Waterproofing and foundation repair go hand in hand with pest control. Removing the water and sealing cracked foundations is the first line of defense for preventing pests in basements and crawlspaces. Advanced Energy’s 2005 crawlspace research study was the beginning of closed crawlspaces.  Their research helped people understand the importance of closing a vented crawlspace….

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6 Tips for Healthy Below-Grade Spaces

The trick to healthy below-grade spaces is keeping the area dry and free from mold—or anything that may be a food source for mold. Jeffrey C. May, owner, of May Indoor Air Investigations, LLC., in Tyngboro, MA, agrees with the EPA and the Basement Health Association of how to keep a safe, dry and healthy…

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