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“As a new member to the Basement Health Association, all I can say is I wish I had joined sooner.”  (September 2017)


“Both my husband and I recently attended the fall regional meeting in Atlantic City and were blown away by the knowledge demonstrated in the rooms.  I am an Indoor Environmental Professional, and my husband owns a waterproofing company. There was information for both of us which helps balance the industry from all perspectives. What a breath of fresh air to see IAQ, mold remediation, waterproofing, and structural support professionals come together creating healthy homes.” (Liz Keefer, H2O Pro, LLC)


Basement Health Association

Basement Health Association is an umbrella association encompassing all the industries that affect the basement and building environment.

In addition to educating the public about waterproofing, water diversion and structural repair we now will also help educate the public about building and basement health. The idea is to have all the related industries communicate for the benefit of the customer. In the past, we have seen one industry do one thing and another do something different. It is our hope that with all the basement industries working together under the Basement Health Association the customer will be better served.


Basement Health Association members receive more than the usual benefits than one expects from affiliation with a professional association—they get exclusive opportunities to save money and earn free goods and services. Participation is voluntary, but the rewards can be outstanding.

Benefits of Becoming a BHA Member

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