BHA Speakers to Address Radon Pros

Three BHA directors have been asked to speak at the AARST 2013 Symposium in Springfield, Ill. on September 24, 2013. This is a great opportunity for the Basement Health Association to fulfill the mission of the association to educate the public and the industries that effect the basement environment. 
The three speakers are Dan Jaggers of Cable Lock Support Services, Houston, Texas; Tom Saucier of Crawlspace Doctors, Springville, Indiana,; and Hugo D’Esposito, A.M. Shield, Albertson, New York.
Jaggers will cover sump pumps. Saucier will cover crawlspaces and safety. While D’Esposito will discuss open and closed interior drainage systems.

These are important topics to discuss relating radon and waterproofing contractors. 
Radon and waterproofing professionals often cross paths in the basement and crawlspace. The two professionals are closely related and when they don’t understand each other’s systems they often cause problems for each other and the homeowner. 
It is important for radon contractors to understand the basement waterproofing and crawlspace industry. That is why 
Beyond the importance of industry education, there is also a huge networking potential for waterproofing contractors and radon professionals. How many times does a radon professional go into a basement with water problems? Or vice versa? The two professionals can help each other with referrals. BHA encourages waterproofing contractors to attend the radon symposium, help educate radon professionals about what you do and build business relationships.
BHA members can buy a one-day pass to the Radon Symposium for $155. You can receive recertification credits for the continued education courses held at the symposium.

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