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is provided to the general public as a way for them to find qualified contractors and suppliers in their area. This website is maintained by the Basement Health Association.

Our Purpose

The Basement Health Association is a non profit organization whose purpose is to educate the general public about water diversion, waterproofing, structural repair, building and basement health industries.

Basement Health is not a new industry but rather a re-energized movement to improving the health of millions of people who live over unhealthy basements and crawl spaces. Basement Health Association is an umbrella association encompassing all the related basement contractors. Now for the first time a consumer can join the various groups on this website and learn all they can about good basement health for free Join our social networking website at

Get advice and answers from industry experts and your neighbors alike. Contractors and service professionals join our discussion board and learn all about your industry and also related fields as well. Join one group or all of them – the choice is up to you and best of all it is free!

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A Healthy Basement Should Be A Standard, Not A Luxury.

Basement Health Association is an umbrella association encompassing all the industries that effect the basement and building environment.

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Why Join The Basement Health Association?

In addition to educating the public about waterproofing, water diversion and structural repair we now will also help educate the public about building and basement health. The idea is to have all the related industries communicate for the benefit of the customer. In the past, we have seen one industry do one thing and another do something different. It is our hope that with all the basement industries working together under the Basement Health Association the customer will be better served.

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Basement Health Association links all industries involved in basement and building health. All of these industries can work together for the benefit of the consumer.