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Our contractor in an effort to stabilize the basement wall has said he drilled a hole in the outside of foundation wall, and dropped in a 12 inch re-bar and claimed it is sufficient to stabilize wall crack that is three feet off floor. Is this a standard and approved method among waterproofing companies or have you any info on this method? Any info appreciated. Company is not registered with your organization.

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I'm assuming you mean a 12" long piece of rebar and not a 12" wide piece.  This is not likely to give you the results that you are looking for.  Did your contractor explain the causes of foundation failure and specifically how his "system" is going to alleviate the cause of the problem?  What sort of warranty did he offer you?  There are many different solutions to a bowing wall problem.  Some work better than others, some don't work at all.  From the information you have put on here, it looks like yours is the latter.  The best advice I could give you is to find a contractor who is a member of the Basement Health Organization and specializes in the restoration of the structural integrity of a failing foundation.  Where are you located?



I have to agree with Dave.  More information, particularly pictures, would be helpful.  Understanding why the foundation is failing is the first step to designing a repair.


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